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The chain rule is a formula to calculate the derivative composition of functions.

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What is chain problem

A chain analysis is a technique designed to help a person understand the function of a particular behavior.

During a chain analysis of a particular problem behavior (for example, deliberate self-harm), a person tries to uncover all the factors that led up to that behavior.

Formula for chain rule problemsĀ 

Chain rule formula for computing the derivative of the composition of a two or more functions.  

              dy/dx = dy/du . du/dx          

Few things  to solve chain poblems

Direct proportion – Two quantities are said to be directly proportional, if on the increase (or decrease) of the one, the other increases (or decreases) to the same extent.

Eg. Cost is directly proportional to the number of articles. (More Articles, More Cost)

Indirect proportion – Two quantities are said to be indirectly proportional, if on the increase of the one, the orther decreases to the same extent and vice-versa.

Eg. The time taken by a car is covering a certain distance is inversely proportional to the speed of the car. (More speed, Less is the time taken to cover a distance.)

Note : In solving problems by chain rule, we compare every item with the term to be found out.

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