Best explanation to understand and solve the height and distance

Height and distance are comes under the topic of trigonometry. We know what is height and distance because, nowadays everyone wants to know our height and place distance.

In this article we provide some clear definition and examples about height and distance, it will helps you to get a good mark in your competitive exams. But, it has many types like (science, architecture, physics, and chemistry).

Now, we want to clear the definition of trigonometry related height and distance. Here we see many information, lets see and cheer up.

History of Trigonomy

Trigonometry means nothing but, it is calculation with triangles and study of mathematics by involving heights, lengths, angels and some triangles.

It is used by many fields like engineers, architecture, corpenders, home builders, electrician.,etc now, we will learn many things about the topic below about this topic

Details about Height and Distance

Height and distance have the same priority in trigonometry. Height means the measurement of something or someone head to foot or base to top. While thinking about this topic, it will raise many questions right!…… it has some points to measurement that is,

  1. Measuring the heights of towers or big mountains and buildings.
  2. Determining the distance of the shore from sea
  3. Finding the distance between two celestial bodies.

First you should know the proper meaning of distance and heights. It is very easy to do but, time management and logical thinking is very important.

Height and Distance Formulae

1. Sin θ = Perpendicular / Hypotenuse = AB/OB

2. cosθ = Base / Hypotenuse = OA/OB

3. tan θ = Perpendicular / Base = AB/OA

4. cosecθ = 1/Sin θ = OB/AB

5. secθ = 1/cosθ = OB/OA

6. cotθ = 1/tan θ = OA/OB

7. sin(-θ ) = – (Sin θ)

8. cos(-θ ) = cosθ

9. tan(-θ ) = -tan θ

10. cosec(-θ ) = -cosecθ

11. Sec – θ = secθ

12. Cot – θ = cotθ

Types of Height and Distance

Heights and distance are the most important in trigonometry,there are certain terms associated with the heights and distance which are described as follows.

In trigonometry it has two types:

  1. Angle of elevation
  2. Angel of depression

Angle of elevation: point viewed is the angle formed by the line of sight with the horizontal, when the point being viewed is angle of elevation.

Angel of depression: when the sight below the horizontal level, angel is formed by the line of sight.

Important notes: Horizontal line means, the line of sight which is parallel to ground level is known as horizontal line.

Height and Distance Tricks

Time management is the best way to

  1. Memory power
  2. Analysing skills
  3. measurement

These are all the main tricks to do the problems of height and distance. Intellectuals solve problems in an easy way, but geniuses always want to renew it. So, if you have any second thoughts about this topic means, do comment you little help will help so many needy.

Height and Distance Problems

Every topic has the problem but, the beauty is how we overcome the problem in a better way.

In trigonometry has a lot of problems, here are some problems and solutions are given below, different types of problems are here do this multiple ways. Practice makes a man perfect, so keep trying and get high score in your exams.

I wish you all the very best for your upcoming exams regarding this topic. We all have the ability to create whatever life we want to live. We just need to be willing to work for it. Keep support do your best as much as possible.