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The percentage is the most important and vast part of quantitative aptitude portion. This section is frequently asked in all competitive exams like TNPSC, IBPS, SBI, UPSC, CAT, GRE,GMAT exam and all MNC company interviews.

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What is the Percentage?

In mathematics, a percentage is a number that represents a fraction of 100. It is parts per 100, we use the symbol % for percentage.

It has 3 types, that is the ending number, percentage, starting number. It is used to calculate fraction into percentage. % into a fraction, percentage into ratio, ratio into a percentage, percentage into a decimal into %.

Percentage Formula

The percentage formula has given us,

Percentage = ( value / total value ) * 100

1.Percentage Change

     % change = ( new value – original value × 100 ) / original value

2.Percentage error                                                                                                                                             

     percentage error = error × 100 / real value

3. Percentage increase and interest

     New value = ( 100 + percentage incease × original value ) / 100

4. Original value 

     Original value = ( new value × 100 ) / 100 + percentage change 

Percentage – Aptitude Tricks and Shortcuts for Competitive Exams

Here we provide some tricks and shortcuts for percentage that you can use to solve the problems of percentage.

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Trick 1 :

When we say 100 percentage in math code 100 % so 30% means 30 and 65% means 65 per hundred. it is used to find marks, profit percentage, loss percentage of a particular product and it is used to depreciation at rate percent at annual.

Trick 2 :

The second tricks is based on to find the amount spent, percentage of an expenditure person whose different expenses are given in percentage form from savings and according with that.

Percentage Aptitude Problem and Solution with Explanation

In this aptitude section we provide many problems and solutions with a crystal clear answers for all problems. Solve the given practice questions based on percentage, also the answer key and explanation are given by the same. Shall we starts!