Best explanation to understand and solve the races and games

In this section, we will learn about the aptitude questions based on RACES AND GAMES.

This is one of the interesting topics in arithmetic aptitude because we all love to race and enjoy playing games. So it will be an easy task for understanding as well as solving. 

As this is a subtopic of speed, time and distance you have to learn all the formulas in speed, time and distance to solve these problems. But there are some important terms in this topic as well which are explained here.

This will help you to learn and solve the problems easily. Also there are some multiple choice aptitude questions in our website which will help you to practice for your exams.

What is a race?

A race is a competition often conducted generally for  running, bike riding, driving a car, horse riding or rowing a boat.

What is race course?

A race course is the places like grounds, roads, rivers, lakes, etc  where races take place often.

What is starting point?

There will be two or more than two participants in a race. The point from where the race begins is known as the starting point.

What is winning post?

The finishing point where the race ends is called the goal or winning post.

What is dead heat?

In a race,if all the participants reach the goal or winning post at the same time, then the race is called dead heat. Therefore, dead heat is that type of race which ends in a draw that is, there will be no winner or loser.

What is the concept of races and games?

The concept of races and games are very easy to understand.

A and B are the two participants in a race. Before the start of the race, A is at the starting point and B is ahead of A by 15 meters, we say that A gives B, a start of 15 meters.

In this case, to cover a race of 100 meters, ‘A’ will have to cover 100 meters while ‘B’ will have to cover only (100 – 15) = 85 meters.

In a 100 meter race, ‘A’ can give ‘B’ a start of 15 meter or ‘B’ beats ‘A’ by 15 meter, which means while ‘A’ runs 100 m, ‘B’ runs (100 – 15) = 85 meter.

If it is a game of 200 means that the person among the participants who scores 200 points first will be the winner.

If A scores the full points that is 200 points while B scores only 175 points, we can say that A gave B 25 points.

These are some important concepts to understand in this topic.

What are formulas to solve the problems?

As this is a subtopic of speed, time and distance , all the formulas of speed time and distance will be applicable in these problems.

Important formulas includes

Speed =   Distance covered / Time 

Time =  Speed x  distance covered

Distance =  Speed x time

By applying these basic formulas you can solve most of the problems. And more than formulas, you have to understand the question clearly and think carefully before answering the question.

Now, try to solve the given aptitude problems in our website with the help of given concepts and formulas.