Best explanation to understand and solve the simplification problems.

In this section, we provide you a great platform to learn and practice aptitude questions based on SIMPLIFICATION.

In most of the Bank exams, aptitude questions related to simplification will be asked frequently. So this will help you to boldly face any Bank exams, entrance exams or certification exams without doubting your skills.

By having continuous practice , you will develop your ability and also can increase your speed in performing operations quickly.

What is Simplification?

Simplification is the process of replacing an expression with another equivalent but a simpler expression. It is either used to simplify any numeric expression or to simplify the expressions of algebra for an easy understanding and solving.

In simple terms, we can say simplification is the process of making an expression simple.

Trick To Solve Simplification Problems

BODMAS RULE is the very easiest way to solve any simplification problems. The full form of BODMAS is

B – Brackets ( the bracket also have an order of (), {} and [] to solve a problem)

O – Of ( it means multiplication but this should be done before division)

D – Division

M – Multiplication 

A – Addition

S – Subtraction

All the simplification problem should be solved using this order. First you have to solve the brackets , then multiplication of symbols or brackets followed by division, multiplication of numbers ,addition and subtraction.

This method is used not only in numeric simplification but also in algebraic simplification. 

Simplification Of Algebraic Expression

In algebraic simplification, we use the same  BODMAS RULE. here are some step by step procedure to solve an algebraic expression.

 We should look for parenthese if any in the expression. If so we have to multiply with its factors. 

For Example: 3(2x-4y)+5(2x+7)

Here we have to multiply the factors with the numbers inside the parentheses.

So we will get the answer as 6x-12y+10x+35

Now we have to look for common variables and solve them.

Example: In the above expression we have x as common variable for two numbers. So we have to solve it using the given symbol. Here it is 6x+10x.

So the answer will be 16x-12y+35

At the end check whether you can simplify the expression further using BODMAS. If not then it will be your final answer.

So the answer for the above expression is 16x-12y+35

Important Points To Remember


RULE 2: Replace ‘of’ with multiplication and ‘/’ with division.

EXAMPLE: ½ of 8

SOLUTION: (½)x 8= 8 divided by 2= 4

RULE 3: Multiplication and Division have the same priority. Do the first operation which is on the left side.

RULE 4: Addition and Subtraction have the same priority. Do the first operation which is on the left side.

RULE 5: Do not hesitate to rounding the number to the nearest integer.