Best explanation to understand and solve the Volume and Surface Area.

Volume and surface area play a predominant role in every competitive exams like SSC, CGL, SBl PO, IBPS and all company interviews for the freshers, college students, and competitive examiners.

Volume and surface topic is the massive part of aptitude, although most of the students tend to avoid this topic considering into be quite complex and calculation. So, here we will learn how to solve the problems on volume and surface. 

Here I am sharing selective and important choice volume and surface area definition, multiple selection questions, equation sheet, shortcuts and tricks and solved problems for competitive examiners. 

First you should understand the basic concept of volume and surface questions yourself to increase your performance in competitive exams. Shall we start….., 

Definition of Volume and Surface

Volume means the number of cubic units, that make up a solid figure. And surface, which means sum of area of all faces of the solid figure.

We live in a three dimensional world, and every object you can see or touch has three dimensions that can be measured length, breadth and height. That is called volume and surface area. Daily we come across many figures, like cylinder, cone and sphere., etc

Few Things to Remember

First you should understand, math is very simple and logical. Before doing anything, first do a math practice.

Find any ten questions and write it down on the page, do first five questions using basic formula of volume and surface area. That will help you to save the time in competitive exams.

Time management plays a vital in our exams, so try to keep up.

Volume and Surface Aptitude Question

In logical world, we need to score high marks in aptitude exams. because, it is very important and widely asked questions.

Questions discussed in this part involve basic usage of volume and surface area formula with a little bit of modulation.