Perfectly explained Analogies with solved question and answers

This section will help you to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude called ‘Analogies’.

Analogies is the knowledge of understanding the similar relationship of the given sentence with the options that are provided.

Types of Analogies

There are different types of Analogies. They are:

Opposite Analogy:

Two words that are opposite in meanings are called opposite analogy.

Example: Fire and Water

Object and Classification Analogy:

It means the classification of same object in different groups.

Example: Knife and Weapon, Knife and Kitchenware – Where knife is the same object which can be classified in different groups.

Object and Related Object Analogies:

The objects in this type of analogy relates with one another.

Example: Dog and Puppy

Cause and Effect Analogy:

When two things connect with each other in terms of cause and effect, that is called cause and effect analogy.

In simple words the reason for the action is called cause and the consequences that happens is called effect.

Example: Fire and Burn

Degrees of a Characteristic Analogy:

This is a type of analogy that goes a higher degree. In some cases it comprises the adjectives.

Example: Cold and Freezing

Object and Group Analogy:

When several objects put together to form a group is called group and object analogy.

Example: Wolf and Pack

Problem and Solution Analogy:

Saying a problem along with an instant solution for it together is called problem and solution analogy.

Example: Itch and Scratch

Effort and Result Analogy:

Build & House is the best example for this type of analogy where it says the Effort ‘Build’ and relates it with the Result ‘House’. Another example is Write and Letter.

Object and Function Analogy:

The analogy that connects objects with its designated functions are called object and function analogy.

Example: Telephone and To Call

Object and Location Analogy:

The analogy that connects an object with its designated location is called object and location analogy.

Example: Plane and Hangar

Things That Go Together Analogy:

This is a type of analogy where some objects indisputably connected with each other.

Example: Fork and Knife

Rhyme Analogy:

The name says it all, it comes in rhyming form. But not all rhyming words can form rhyme analogy.

Example: Red and Rod

Performer and Action Analogy:

When both the performer and the action are mentioned, that is called performer and action analogy.

Example: Soldier and To Fight

Learning the types of Analogies makes you to answer the questions properly. Check the question and answer below for more clarifications.