Perfectly explained Artificial Language with solved question and answers

This section will help you to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude called ‘Artificial Language’. Questions from this section are frequently asked in various exams and it plays an important role in scoring high marks.

While writing any kind of competitive exams, consider time management. Also follow the tips and tricks given here to be a pro in solving artificial language questions within the given time period and of course it saves your time too.

If you are attempting competitive exams like SSC, Bank PO’s, SCC, CGL, GATE, GRE, then you should learn about the concept. It is an essential part to learn and practice Artificial language questions, that will help you to answer logic.

What is called artificial language?

An artificial language is a constructed language. It is followed by a set of few people created by their own words, grammar, phonics, etc., It does not relate anything with natural language.

Artificial languages are used in computer coding, robots and controlled psychological languages with humans.

In this kind of question, few examples of artificial languages will be given and you have to find the related answer by understanding the examples. You have to pick one answer from the given 4 options.

Characteristics of artificial language

  1. An artificial language is also called a constructed language or invented language.
  2. It does not have grammar, phonics or anything that relates to natural language.
  3. It is followed by a set of people or can be used scientifically.
  4. A child talking in his or her own language which could be easily understood by the mom. The language is simply called an artificial language.
  5. There are many artificial languages all around the world which are very tough to calculate.

Tips to solve artificial language questions

  1. We cannot learn all the artificial languages by proper meaning, so don’t try to learn like that.
  2. Understand the examples well, that is all enough to answer this kind of question.
  3. The question will be a bit tricky at times. Words may be misplaced in the question. So write artificial language separately for each word in the given example and then solve the answer.


1. Here are some words translated from an artificial language.

Tamceno means sky blue colour

Cenorax means blue cheese

Aplmiti means star bright

Which word could mean “Bright sky”?

  1. Cenatom
  2. Mitltam
  3. Raxmiti
  4. Aplceno

The answer is option (b). Tam means sky, rax means cheese, apl means star, ceno means blue and so, mitltam means bright sky.

It is not an easy way to attempt any competitive exams. So if you are writing an exam, then you must focus on the concept, and you have to work out with it. For more clarifications, check the below examples, attempt online tests and achieve good marks.