Perfectly explained Course of Action with solved question and answers

This section will help you to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude called ‘Course of Action.’ Questions from this section are frequently asked in various exams and it plays an important role in scoring high marks.

While writing any kind of competitive exams, consider time management. Also follow the tips and tricks given here to be a pro in solving course of action questions within the given time period and of course it saves your time too.

If you are attempting competitive exams, entrance exams or any interviews, then you should learn about the concept. It is an vital part to learn and practice course of action questions, that will help you to answer logic.

What is called a course of action?

Course of action means a plan or strategy to achieve some target. When you do a task, you must have a strategy to complete the task, and that is said to be a course of action.

We can also state it as a measurement or step to be taken to solve some issue.

In this type of question, a statement will be given with 2 or more options. From that you have to analyze each statement and find which are the course of action.

The options be like all the given statements are course of action or any one of it is course of action or none of the given options are course of action.

Tricks to find course of action

The first thing you have to do is find the reason for the cause of the problem in the given statement. Once you find the problem, it will be very easy to find the course of action.

As the main purpose of course of action is to solve a problem, so the answer that you are picking must be an option in solving the given problem.

Before finding the course of action, you have to fix in mind that the given question is a true event.

It should not be your own idea or own perception while finding a course of action, it should be neutral and should be easily accepted by others.

In terms of law or violation based question, answer things that matches with law and also options that insist on non violence.


Hotels are incurring heavy losses these days as people prefer to eat healthy foods that are cooked in their own kitchen.

  1. The Hotels should be demolished and residential multi-storey buildings should be constructed there.
  2. The Hotels should be converted into shopping malls.


  1. Only (i) follows
  2. Only (ii) follows
  3. Either (i) or (ii) follows
  4. Neither (i) or (ii) follows
  5. Both (i) and (ii) follows

The answer is option (d). It states that both the given options are not a course of action for the given problem.