Perfectly explained matching definition with solved question and answers

This section will help you to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude called ‘Matching Definitions’. 

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Matching definitions has a very important role in solving logical reasoning.

The question will be given with a set of 4 multiple choices, where the matching option related to the question should be picked as the answer. The questions will be commonly like matching a situation.

What is meant by matching definition?

The word matching means the matching of corresponding colours, shapes, meaning, etc.,

In aptitude, matching definitions means, finding the correct matching sentence that relates with the given sentence. 

Tips to solve matching definition:

  1. Each question should have only one answer. So triple check the answer that you pick.
  2. Never use grammatical clues to find your answer. It doesn’t match with the correct situation.
  3. Don’t always be busy, in finding the correct answer. Also try to check why the other options are not matching with the given situation.
  4. Be clear in 2 things. (a) How to pick the correct matching (b) Why to pick it as the answer.
  5. Make sure the picked answer matches all the terms with the given situation.


Ram made a violation on his apartment Lease which is prohibited by the legally binding document that he signed with the landlord. Which situation below is the best example of Violating an Apartment Lease?

  1. Ram has decided to move to another city, so he calls his landlord to tell him that he is not interested in renewing his lease when it expires next month.
  2. Ram recently lost his job and, for the last three months, has neglected to pay his landlord the monthly rent they agreed upon in writing when he moved into his apartment eight months ago.
  3. Ram writes a letter to his landlord that lists numerous complaints about the apartment he has agreed to rent for two years.
  4. Ram thinks that his landlord is neglecting the building in which he rents an apartment. He calls his attorney to ask for advice.

Answer: The answer is b. Because it states that Ram has not paid the monthly rent for the past 8 months which is a violation against the tenant document that he signed. 

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