Perfectly explained number series with solved question and answers

In this aptitude segment, we  will be learning about the logical reasoning ‘NUMBER SERIES’. Number series questions are mostly asked in management aptitude exams.

This article will help you to clearly understand the concept of number series and also it will help you to know more about the tricks and tips to solve the number series questions very easily. 

What is called number series?

In these types of aptitude questions, there will be a series of numbers in which two or more numbers will be missing.

The numbers in the series are arranged in a sequential order. So you have to understand the sequence and find the correct sequence and then find out the missing numbers in the given number series. This is called number series logical reasoning.

For these questions, the options will be given and it is your skill to find the appropriate number from the given options.

How to find the next number in the series?

To find out the next number series you should first find out the sequence of the number. By knowing the correct sequence of the question asked, you will be able to find out the next missing number easily. 

Generally, there are three types of questions asked in number series aptitude.

  • A numerical series id given in which a number is wrongly placed. You are asked to identify that particular wrong number.
  • A numerical series is given in which a specific number is missing. You are required to find out that missing number.
  • A complete numerical series is followed by an incomplete numerical series. You need to solve that incomplete numerical series in the same pattern in which the complete numerical series is given.

These are some types of number series questions that will be asked in your aptitude exams. 

What are the types of number series?

The different types of number series includes 

  • Perfect square series: These number series is based on the square of the numbers which is given in an order and one or two numbers will be missing.
  • Perfect cube series: These number series is based on the cube of the numbers which is given in an order and one or two numbers will be missing.
  • Geometric series: These number series  is based on ascending and descending order of the numbers and each successive number is obtained by multiplying or dividing the previous number with a fixed number.
  • Mixed series: This particular type of series may have more than one pattern
  • Arithmetic series: it consists of a series in which the next term is obtained by adding or subtracting a constant number to its previous item.arranged in a single series or it may have been created accordingly to any of the unorthodox rules.

Examples of number series?

1. Which number should come next in the series, 48, 24, 12, ……?

  1. 8
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 2

Answer: Option B

It is a simple division series in which each number is one-half of the previous number. We can also say that each number is divided by 2 to arrive at the next number;

On dividing 48 by 2, we get 24

On dividing 24 by 2, we get 12

So, on dividing 12 by 2, we will get 6

2. Which number would replace the underline mark in the series 20, 40, 100, _, 820?

  1. 240
  2. 260
  3. 280
  4. 300

Answer: Option C

In this series, the difference between consecutive numbers is multiplied by 3; 20, 60, 180, 540.

Therefore, the missing number would be 100 + 180 = 280

3. What are the missing numbers in this series, 15, 20, 24, 15, 28, 32 15, _, _, 15?

  1. 37, 41
  2. 36, 40
  3. 38, 42
  4. 40, 44

Answer: Option B

This is a simple addition series in which the number “15” is interpolated as every third number. And, except for 15, four is added to each number to arrive at the next number.

These are few examples for number series aptitude questions. Learn the given explanations and examples clearly and try to solve the aptitude questions that we have provided on our website. It will help you to learn and practice for your aptitude exams and also will help you to improve your speed in solving problems.