Simple way of solving Change of voices question and answer with tips

In this article, we will learn more about the verbal aptitude called ‘CHANGE OF VOICES’. To solve these aptitude questions you will need to know more about ACTIVE VOICE  and PASSIVE VOICE.

Read this entire article to know more about active and passive voice and easy ways to solve these questionsa

What is meant by change of voice?

In this type of question, a sentence will be given in either active voice or passive voice.

If the question is in active voice, you have to change it in the passive voice. But if the question is in passive voice you have to change it in the active voice.

There will be four different choices given along with the question. You have to choose the more relevant option that can be used instead of the voice given in the question.

What is called active voice?

Active voice means that a sentence has a subject that acts upon its verb. It is very direct and simple.

For example: I ate an apple.

What is called passive voice?

Passive voice means that the subject is a recipient of a verb’s action. You may have learned that the passive voice is weak and incorrect, but it isn’t that simple.

For example: The apple was eaten by me.

NOTE: Most of the passive voice will be having the word ‘by’ in the sentence (but not all).

Do sentence meaning change because of voice change?

No, the meaning of the sentence will not change and remains the same even if the voice changes. However, the importance of the subject and object may change.

Active voice gives more importance to the subject or the doer of the verb. But passive voice gives more important to the object which the subject acts upon. But  the meaning remains the same.

How to choose the correct voice?

In order to choose the correct voice, you need to first identify the voice of the question. And then you have to look for the most relevant answer from the question.

As said before, there won’t be any change in the meaning of the sentence. So look for the answer which have the exact or more equivalent meaning.

Examples of change of voice

1. The student committed the mistake.

  1. The mistake has committed by the student.
  2. The mistake had been committed by the student.
  3. The mistake was committed by the student.
  4. The mistake is committed by the student.

Answer: Option C

2. The best coach has trained the team.

  1. The team was trained by the best coach.
  2. The best coach has provided the training to the team.
  3. The team had trained by the best coach.
  4. The team has been trained by the best coach.

Answer: Option D

3. The Clean India campaign is being run by the government.

  1. The government was running the Clean India campaign.
  2. The government is running the Clean India campaign.
  3. The government has been running the Clean India campaign.
  4. The government has run the Clean India campaign.

Answer: Option B

4.  The students must listen to their teachers.

  1. The teachers must be listened by the students.
  2. The teachers are required to be listened to by the students.
  3. The teachers must be listened to by the students.
  4. The teachers must listened to by the students.

Answer: Option C

With the help of the given examples and explanation, try to solve the verbal aptitude problems given in our website. It will help you to improve your verbal skills and also helpful to practice for your exams.