Simple way of solving Closet test question and answer with tips

This article will help you to learn more about the verbal aptitude called ‘Closet test’. This is a kind of ‘fill in the blanks with appropriate word’ type of aptitude. But there will be options given along with the question.

To know how to solve these questions and also to more about the closet test aptitude, read this entire article.

What is called closet test?

In this type of aptitude, there will be a question given where one or more words may be missing.

The blank space where the words are missing will have 1,2, 3 … and so on numbers.

There will be options given with the questions with different word orders. So you have to choose the correct word order.

For example, you have to choose the order of the words mentioned in 1, 2, and so on. If you choose the wrong order, your order will be wrong. 

How to find the correct word?

Most probably, the missing words will be based on parts of speech, especially prepositions. So to answer these questions correctly you should know the basic grammar.

You should read the question more than twice. By reading, you can able to identify which word will come in the appropriate place.

NOTE: The question may have different words for different blank space or the same word for all blank space. So before answering read the question properly.

What are the importance of knowing closet test?

This kinds of aptitude tests are very important because it will help to improve our grammar skills. Also when you solve these questions you have to think a lot before answering.

So it will help you to develop your thinking ability as well. More importantly, these test helps to know your level of grammar. Because all these are the basic grammar topics. 

Examples of closet test verbal aptitude

Today, doing business is not easy for businessmen, as they are not used to competition. In the past they were selling whatever …..(1)……produced and at their desired price. But, 2… the competition has increased over the years, customers started to ….3…..and choose. Imports have become…..4….available and that too at cheaper …….5………..

I. Solve as per the direction given above


Answer: Option D

II. Solve as per the direction given above


Answer: Option B

III. Solve as per the direction given above


Answer: Option A

 IV. Solve as per the direction given above


Answer: Option C

V. Solve as per the direction given above


Answer: Option D    

There are possibilities that all the answers for the five words may be given in one single option with different orders and you need to choose the correct order. 

For example:

Good ….(1)…. brings success in life. So, character …..(2)…. Important

(1) health (2) is
(1) wealth (2) will
(1) health (2) are
(1) Memory (2)was

Answer: Option A

These are the two different ways of questions that can be asked in closet test. With the help of the given examples and explanations try to solve the other aptitude problems given in our website.

This will help you to practice for your aptitude exams and also will be helpful to improve your knowledge and skills.