Simple way of solving Comprehension question and answer with tips

This article will help you to learn more about the verbal aptitude called ‘Comprehension’. Most of us would have done this in our schools. It is one of the easiest aptitudes in the verbal ability segment.

Read the entire article to know more about comprehension verbal aptitude.

What is called comprehension?

In this type of aptitude question, there will be a passage given  with some set of questions. These questions are based on the information given in the passage.

Each question will have some options. You have to read the passage, look at the question carefully and choose the correct answer from the given options. This is called comprehension.

Why verbal comprehension is very important?

Verbal comprehension is very important because they help you to develop your reading skills. And also they will help you to improve your analytical and comprehension skills.

When you need to answer the question you should read the passage properly and analyse it in order to give the correct answer. So these type of aptitude questions will help you to improve your reading and analytical skills. 

How to solve the comprehension questions easily?

It is very easy to solve comprehension questions. There is no particular way to solve these types of questions. However, there is an easy trick to solve these questions.

The trick is that you have to look for the important key word mentioned in the question and search for the key word in the given passage.

By doing that you can able to easily figure out the answer for the passage. But, don’t depend only on the keywords because there may be more than one sentences with the same keyword. So you have to clearly understand the question before answering it.

Example for comprehension aptitude

Harry who is a professional had a fearful dream. He found himself in a land where he saw some slug-like animals with tentacles living on human bodies. The people tolerated these creatures because after many years they would grow into bulls which then be used for transportation. Harry noticed that he himself was covered with these creatures and he woke up screaming.

Question 1: In the dream, Harry found the creatures

  1. in his office
  2. in a different land
  3. in his kitchen
  4. in a different planet

Answer: Option B

Question 2: what did the creatures look like?

  1. slug-like animals with horns
  2. insects with wings
  3. insects with tentacles
  4. slug-like animals with tentacles

Answer: Option D

Question 3: Harry’s dream was fearful because

  1. It brought him face to face with elephants
  2. He found himself on a land full of snakes
  3. He forgets the way home
  4. He saw creatures feeding on human bodies

Answer: Option D

Question 4: The creatures will grow into bulls which then will be used for

  1. digging
  2. hunting
  3. transportation
  4. flying

Answer: Option C

Question 5: Harry woke up

  1. dancing
  2. screaming
  3. thinking
  4. singing

Answer: Option B

With the help of these explanations and examples try to solve the aptitude questions that we have provided on our website. This will help you to improve your reading and analytical skills and also you can improve your ability to solve these problems easily.