Simple way of solving One word substitution question and answer with tips

In this session we will be learning about the verbal aptitude called ‘ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION’. Most of the verbal aptitude exams will have this type of questions because, this will help to determine your language ability and vocabulary skills.

This article will clearly explain you how to solve one word substitution aptitude and also the tricks or easy ways to solve these questions.

What is called one word substitution?

This type of question will have a complete sentence. There will be four choices which have a word of substitution that can represent that whole sentence.

So you have to choose one correct word that can be a substitution for the sentence. This is called ‘one word substitution’.

How to solve one word substitution questions?

To solve one word substitution questions you should know more vocabulary and their meanings. As these questions are based on synonyms, it is necessary for you to know about words and meaning.

The choices may not have the exact meaning of the given sentence. But only if you know the correct meaning of the sentence and the words given in choices you can able to find the substitution which can act as replacement of that sentence.

There may be some tricky questions where may have two options which can act as substitute. So it is your skill to find which is the correct answer.

In such cases try to read the question more than once. You will be able to find the answer by then. 

How to use substitution in a sentence?

Substitution is nothing but an alternative. So some sentences can be substituted by a single word. This aptitude questions will help you to learn such substitution words.

There are some harsh words in English. So there are some polite ways to say those words. They act as a substitution.

For example, the word handicap can be substituted with the word physically challenged. Handicap is a word that used to mention the disability of a person. But physically challenge is something that motivate those people who faces challenges with courage in spite of their disability.

Examples of one word substitution

1. A man who always thinks of himself

  1. Eccentric
  2. Proud
  3. Egoist
  4. Foolish

Answer: Option C

2. A man who speaks less in the forum

  1. banal
  2. unintelligible
  3. garrulous
  4. reticent

Answer: Option D

3.  A country that is ruled by a king or queen

  1. monarchy
  2. democratic
  3. autocracy
  4. all of the above

Answer: Option A

4.  The practice of having several wives

  1. bisexual
  2. monogamy
  3. bigamy
  4. polygamy

Answer: Option D

With the help of given explanation and example, try to solve the aptitude test given in our website. It will help you to practice for your exams and also will help you to increase your ability and knowledge.