Simple way of solving ordering of words question and answer with tips

This session will help you to study about the verbal aptitude ‘Ordering of words’. A sentence should have an order in order to give correct meaning.

This aptitude will help the examiner to check the grammar knowledge of the candidate. To know more about this verbal aptitude, read this entire article.

What is called the ordering of words?

In this type of verbal aptitude, there will be four different incomplete jumbled sentences given as options.

The question that is asked will be incomplete and the given options are to be arranged in a sequential order to give the correct meaning to the sentence. All you have to do is to arrange the given options in correct order. 

There will be multiple choices given in the question that gives the ordering of the sentence. Only one among them will have the correct answer.

How to order words in a sentence?

To order words in a sentence you have to first read the question and the options carefully.

By reading the question more than twice you will be able to find the correct sequence of the sentence.

Try to arrange the sentence in different orders and so that you can able to easily identify the correct order of the sentence.

What is sentence pattern?

Ordering of words in a sentence have a particular pattern. This pattern is called sentence pattern.

There are five basic sentence patterns in English. With the help of these five patterns, the other complex sentences are formed.

  1. Subject / verb – Example : birds fly
  2. subject/ verb/complement – Example: He is a doctor.
  3. Subject / verb / object – Example: I ate an apple.
  4. Subject / verb / indirect object / direct object – Example: My father gave me a pen.
  5. Subject / verb/ object / complement – Example: Ram painted his house blue.


Subject –  noun or doer of the verb

Verb – action words

Complement – a word that completes the meaning of given expression. 

Object – entity that is acted upon by subject.

Direct object – answers the question ‘what’             

Indirect object –  answer the question ‘who’

Why is words ordering important?

It is very important to arrange the words in a correct order because only then the sentence can give meaning.

If the words are jumbled and scattered, then the sentence will become meaningless. So it is very important that, in a sentence all the words should be arranged in an order.

With the help of given explanations and examples try to solve the ordering of words aptitude in our website.

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