Simple way of solving sentence formation question and answer with tips

This session will help you to learn more about the verbal aptitude called ‘sentence formation’. Words are the most important element of a sentence.

So this type of aptitude are mostly concerned with words and sentence structure. To know more about sentence formation continue reading this article.

What is called sentence formation?

In this type of verbal ability, there will be questions like a sentence is broken into four, five or more parts.

Each word will be given a number. You are required to arrange these parts in a proper sequence to form a meaningful sentence.

There will be four options given in which the numbers of the words are arranged in different order. So you have to choose the correct order from the given options.

What is the basic structure of a sentence?

A sentence will always have a subject and a verb. This is the basic sentence structure. Object, complement, adjectives, adverbs, etc are added along with the subject and verb to form a big sentence.

What are the types of sentences?

There are three major types of sentences. They are as follows.

  1. Simple sentence.
  2. Compound sentence.
  3. Complex sentence.

Simple sentence:

This kind of sentence will have only one subject , a verb and an object.

Example: I ate an apple.

Compound sentence: 

This kind of sentence will have two simple sentences combined together with the help of a conjunction. In other words there will be more than one subject, verb and object.

Example: I like to swim and my sister likes to watch.

Complex sentence:

This kind of sentence will have a main clause and a dependent clause.

Example: I will eat when I am hungry. 

I will eat – main clause (gives meaning when read alone)

When I am hungry – dependent clause (does not give meaning when read alone. Gives meaning only with the main clause)

What should come first in a sentence?

A sentence will always starts with the subject. Subject is nothing but noun. But there are some exceptions where the sentence may begin with object, adjunct or verb. But most of the sentence will begin with subject.

Examples of sentence formation

1. a. trouble  b. I c. have d. math e. with

  1. bcdea
  2. edbca
  3. bcaed
  4. eabcd

Answer: Option C

 I have trouble with math.

2.  2.She 3.artist  4.was

  1. 4213
  2. 1342
  3. 1324
  4. 2413

Answer: Option D

 She was an artist.

3. 1. The  2.comfortable  3.was 4. hotel  5.not

  1. 14532
  2. 14352
  3. 14325
  4. 52314

Answer: Option B

The hotel was not comfortable.

These are few examples and explanations for sentence formation. With the help of this article, try to solve the other aptitude questions that we have provided on our website and practice for your upcoming aptitude exams.