Simple way of solving Spelling question and answer with tips

In this session we are going to learn about ‘spelling verbal aptitude’. Most of the verbal aptitude exams will have spelling questions.

This is to ensure the vocabulary knowledge of the candidate.

To know more about spelling test read this article till the end.

What is called spelling aptitude?

Spelling aptitude contains four options of words in which only one word is spelled correctly. The other options that are given will be wrong.

All you have to do is to check for the correct spelling and choose the correct answer.

Do to this correctly, you should be very good in vocabulary and spellings. 

How to know the correct spelling?

The only way to find the correct spelling for a word is that to know more vocabulary with correct. Only then you will be able to know which word is correct. 

This type of aptitude will be easy for those who are really good in spellings.

This will help you to improve your vocabulary knowledge and also help the examiner to check your vocabulary level.

How does spelling changes the meaning of a word?

Yes. spelling can even change the meaning of a word.

Some words have the same pronunciation, but they differ in spelling and meaning.

So if even a single letter is misplaced in a word that can even change the meaning of the word. 

Most of the word may not have the same pronunciation, but their spelling may be complicated and confusing.

So even if we miss out a letter in a word, it may lead the word to be meaningless or to some other meaning.   

How to remember spellings?

It is really hard to remember all the spelling if you are going to study at the last minute of your test.

Remembering all the spelling must involve a long time practice.

Learning new vocabulary every day and using them in the day to day conversation will help a lot to remember more spellings.

Nothing is impossible if you have a regular practice. So starting to practice at the earliest will help you to succeed in this test.

Common spelling error words

These are few examples for common spelling errors in English.

  1. Writen- written
  2. Writting- writing
  3. Accomodation – accommodation
  4. Acheive -achieve
  5. Alot – a lot or allot
  6. Beggining -beginning
  7. Beleive – believe
  8. Committement – commitment
  9. Dependance – dependence
  10. Facist – fascist  

With the help of the given explanations and examples try to solve the aptitude test that we have provided on our website.

This will help you to practice for your aptitude exams and also will help you to know more vocabulary and their spelling.