Easy and best way to understand verification of truth problems with examples

This section will help you to learn about the Verbal reasoning aptitude called ‘Verification of Truth.’ In the view of competitive exams, Verification of Truth is an important part of verbal reasoning.

Verbal reasoning based Verification of Truth questions and answers are all frequently asked in competitive exams, entrance exams, bank exams, interviews, or any other exams.

Verification of Truth based questions and answers are very easy to do and hence it helps in scoring good marks.

While writing any kind of competitive exams, if you are curious about solving all the given questions, then time management is very important.

So practice time management to answer questions properly.

What is called Verification of Truth?

In general, verification of truth means, checking or verifying something is true or not. In terms of verbal reasoning, verification of truth just means the same.

The question patterns are often like concluding statements or like filling in the blank questions with given options.

In this section of questions, candidates must stress on the answers that are true of facts.

It may be a fact that you know or a fact that you don’t know.

In case of facts that you don’t know, you have to concentrate on the question well before answering.

The options given will be more confusing, because it all relates with the given question, but you have to find the most possible fact.


1. A rose flower always has

  1. Petal
  2. Thorn
  3. Water
  4. Smell

The answer is option (a). In this case all the options that are listed are somewhere connected to the rose flower. But the most appropriate answer is petal, because a rose flower is not possible without petals.

2. If we are going for a late evening walk towards the north, the sun will be visible at our right side.

  1. Always
  2. Never
  3. Sometimes
  4. Often

The answer is option (b). In late evening the sun sets in the west side. So if we walk towards the north side, the sun will be visible on the left side. So from the given options, the answer is never.

The verification of truth questions are a bit tricky. Practice well from the below questions and do online tests regularly to score good marks in exams.